Sunday, 8 January 2012

Front suspension finishing

Managed to get a few hours on the Triumph today, starting with re-assembling the nearside front suspension with the new stub axle after my last "incident" with the old one!! It all flew together quite nicely in the end.

 Next it was time to fit the Anti Roll Bar. Bit of head scratching needed to try and work out which way up things should go, but after a while it became obvious...........!
 Bar the brake lines, the front suspension is now done!
 Reassembled the freshly painted servo with new recon kit, then bolted on the new master cylinder.
 Then I remembered that I hadn't done anything with the replacement pedal box. I had to get another one as the original one was an auto and this car is going back to manual. Dug it out of its hiding place, quick wire brush to get rid of some rust,
 ..... then a few good coats of black paint, should be dry by next weekend to bolt on the servo/master cylinder then I can start doing the front brake pipes.
 I then fished the old exhaust manifolds out of its soaking solution....... this stuff it magic!!, bare shiney metal, just ready for some VHT paint. Still some minor surface rust where I had to keep turning them as my bowl wasn't deep enough, but I have some more "special" stuff coming on Monday and I have found a deeper bowel, so another little soak will see them perfect and ready for paint.

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