Sunday, 23 January 2011

Rear Suspension

Finally got some time today, so I started work on stripping the suspension off. Rear first I think. Got the back up in the air and started undoing things.

 Its all there, light coating of rust, primer and overspray!!.......... nice Spax rear shocks. shame they are knackered! Note the Stag rear brakes (wider drums)
 When I got the springs out, (standard PI estate rears I think) I found that it has some "home-made" spacers to lift the suspension up a bit. Look like a coil has been cut off the bottom of another set, hammered flat and then popped in the trailing arms. So, do I leave them in, go back to standard height or use Witor's Polybushes +7mm spacers?............ I think I'll use the original ones.

 After several hours of seized bolts the whole rear suspension was on the deck. So, trailing arms, box sections and back plate to be powder coated, diff off to be checked and worked on as needed, drums need painting and driveshafts to Earlparts to be recon'd.
 Underneath looks good. Needs a quick wirebrush and then shutzing.

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