Thursday, 22 April 2010

Rot and Filler

Update from the bodyshop......... more rot and some filler!

Discovered how the rear arches were pulled, which had puzzled quite a few of us for a while. The rear wing was cut where it joins the rear valance and by the edge of the rear pillar, and the inner was cut behind the arch lip. Pulled out, then plated over and filled........ badly!! Behind this mass of filler is now just rot!

So, all cut out.

Not much left of the orignal metal here!

New inner sill sections

Jacking points will not be reinstated. Waste of time, never jack on the sill anyway.

Rather than replace the strengthener, we elected to repair it. Using brackets made up to reinforce it to the inner. This make is very strong, but allows access to get waxoil and anti corrosive protection into both sides of the box section.

This sides nearly done, dread to think what the other side will be like!

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