Sunday, 18 January 2009

Catching up!

Sorry!! Been so busy and I only noticed the other day that I hadn't updated by blog since before the Round Britain Run in October 2008!
So here we go with a quick update on Triumphy things since then!
Sam & I did the 2008 RBRR in the yellow estate. No major issues really apart from a snapped speedo cable and then the Road Angel blew up so we had no idea of any speeds! Many thanks to Brian Millington from the 2000 Register who dug around in his shed, found a speedo cable and then met us at midnight at Oswestry services! Thanks Brian!
The car was unbelieveably filthy afterwards, so not surprisingly, I spent most of the Monday cleaning (and maybe a little polishing!!) the car............ got busted by Sam who took some photos of me to prove what a sad case I really am!
Then in November I was at the NEC show, with the Red PI on the 2000 Register stand. Excellent show, met loads of friends and put up with the usual leg-pulling about polishing!
On New Years Eve, I took a trip down to Wiltshire and met up with some friends from Club Triumph for an informal lunch at a pub. It was flippin' cold and the washers kept freezing (got the car dirty AGAIN!) but a really nice day. Well worth the 280 mile round trip! (note the polish bottles on the floor infront of my car.......... these CT jokers, relentless they are!)
Now the sad news, my Stag has finally been sold. I had it advertised on Piston Heads and it sold quite quickly to another Stag owner from Kidderminster. He wanted a better one and decided that mine was for him. I delivered it to him the other day........... sob!! I do regret this sale, but we had to get rid of one car as we just had too many and not enough space.
Anyway, with the Stag gone it made some space in the garage. Today I had a tidy up and a sort out and then put the yellow estate back in the garage. Its been living outside under a cover for the last 18 months and it was time to bring her back into the warm and dry!
Thats it for now, I promise I'll try and keep things more up to date in future!

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