Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Late Night Flurry

I have 2 nights to work on Libby due to being away for the weekend and various other family commitments this week, so tonight Bradley and I got cracking. The prop is back, rebuilt and longer so whilst brad was underneath fitting that, I sorted and fitted the gearlever.
 Back under the bonnet, put in the longer feeds for the headlight relays (yet to be connected) and finished off the plumbing under the bonnet. After looking under the bonnet of Andy's car on Sunday at the Register Board Meeting, I found where the missing pipes went and also discovered why the chokes wouldn't work properly (cable in wrong side) so that was sorted. Under the bonnet is now ready.
 I placed the air filters on to make sure all the pipework cleared it, and maybe to see what it would look like!
 After Brad had done the prop, we started on the exhausts. I've had some lengthening pipes made up so we can temporarily fit the exhausts, these now need cutting to size but that will have to wait as it was too late to be angle grinding at this point. This will make the exhaust 'functional' if not pretty. Once the car is running and MOT'd it will go to a custom exhaust builder to have the system properly fettled and extended and made to fit properly.

 Sometime, you just need to keep the end goal in sight..............
 I also have found the interior light wiring ready to fit those, and fitted the new wiper cover (bit of chrome, lovely!!). don't worry, the fuel line needs a clean and a new piece of joining hose. That will be done.
Thursday night will be cut and fit the exhaust pieces, plumb in the fuel tank, change this bit of hose above, fit the interior lights............. and then wait until its time to fill with fluids, check the wiring and then turn the key. The plan is, this will happen in the next week. I can't tell you how excited I am getting, it will be the first time this car has run since 1979.....................

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