Sunday, 23 March 2014

Moving cars

Busy weekends at the moment, all concentrating on getting ready for the house move. I borrowed a proper legal braked and plated towing dolly from a friend (thanks Craig!) and loaded up Sam's Moggy first. I took the chance to fill the boot with garage stuff and then hauled it about 3 miles to my Mum's house. Her Mercedes is very kindly giving up its garage space to allow us to store out cars there until we move.

 I managed to get some longer rivets, so I finished off putting the trim strips on the tank cover.
 I then "threw in" the tank and put the trim in place. It will have to come out again as the tank needs to be painted, but for now I needed it back in for transport and to support the floor!
 I then "threw in" the spare wheel! Again, space and storage meant this was the easiest way!
 If you look really closely, you can spot the trim panel which needs re-trimming...................
 Boot filled with "stuff", on the dolly and over to my Mum's. I now have a (nearly) empty garage and more packing and sorting to do.
Due to the house move and the amount of work needed once we get there, this may be the last post for short while, I'll be back on it when I've done the decorating, fitted the new kitchen, done the kids rooms, boarded 2 lofts, sorted the garden out.................................why am I doing this again?!

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