Monday, 2 September 2013

Wiring the Alarm and carpet painting

I managed to grab an hour this evening, don't the nights get dark quickly now! Still, managed to get a few things done. The next trim pieces inside to do are the sides of the front footwells and the parcel trays. Before I fit those I have some major wiring to do behind them, so I started that this evening.
The wiring is for the Alarm/Imobiliser and Remote Central Door locking system I am fitting. Running wires behind trim is always a pain, so easier to do it now before I refit them. First up hiding the wires for the infra-red sensors on the A posts.
 Then I found the ideal place to put the Red flashing LED. There was always a hole in the grill top and there is no speaker there due to the advanced "Quad Speaker System", so I popped it in the hole. Better then drilling another one I thought!
 Then I have this to deal with!! I need to find all sorts of feeds and connections so its just a case of working through each wire and finding a neat route. Looks awful, but its not finished yet!
 With the light fading I put another couple of coats of black carpet dye on the rear arches. They look so much better and nearly close enough I think.


Paul Rattray said...

That hole in the grill was where my Dad's speed trap detector was bolted. It was a rather clever box of tricks that detected police radars from quite some distance away so there was enough time to disengage warp drive. Brilliant on straight roads, useless on bendy ones since it had a fairly narrow field of view. It also used to alert when we went under electricity pylons carrying the supergrid.

Alan Chatterton said...

Hello Paul. I think I can see that on the photo's I have of the car when it was collected from your Dad's garage. I have this photos on a pdf if you would like me to send you a copy of them. Email me at and I can ping you a copy.
That would explain the neat hole cut in the top of this grill, glad I kept it and used it rather than just replacing it with a new one! All adds to the history of the car.