Saturday, 27 October 2012

Glass fitting

Glass fitting day today, to get it watertight ready to go to the NEC. Mike Weaver very kindly offered to come and fit my windscreen as he's done quite a few now and has the knack (and the tools!).  First thing this morning got the "shop" ready. Car, Glass, Seal, Silicone lubricant, tape, white spirit and cloths. Brian also came round to help to have a look at the estate side windows as I just couldn't see how they would fit.

 I was amazed how quickly it took to actually get the screen in. Most of the time was spent re-doing the piss poor prep work I'd done............. okay, so now I know ALL the old glue has to be removed from the A Post trims first!
 Before long it was in, then started the really nasty job of injecting the sealant in between the glass and the rubber. Not a nice job, but not as bad as the clean up afterwards. I have some more detailed cleaning to do after a week or so when the sealant has gone off properly, but apart from that its in and looking great!
 The side windows were more of a puzzle. We now think that the modifications Del Lines did to the rear wings may have changed the profile of the window, they just did not want to fit. In the end some brute force and ignorance was needed. Brian and Mike supplied the brute force, and I helped with my ignorance!
 Just got to do some build up work with silicone on one corner where we tore the rubber a bit.
 Trims polished and on.
 All glass in, car watertight.
Huge HUGE thank you to Mike Weaver and Brian Chrimes for today, there as no way I could have done this job without them!

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