Sunday, 16 September 2012

Door Seals......... Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

With the prep work on the Acclaim done for the RBRR, I found I had a few hours to spend on Libby today. Managed to get about 4 hours on her today. Problem was, I knew what I had to do next.............. Door seals on the N/S.
Using Repro door seals which are slightly too big is a right PITA. I'm trying an experiment. Chris Witor seals on the front and Rimmers on the back. CW's are much better quality, but seriously hard work to fit. Rimmers are not such good quality, but marginally easier to fit. So, I can keep on eye on them as the years progress and see which ones are best.......... or until I find a set of NOS ones!
It takes hours per door to do as you have to feed it into the channel 5mm at a time with a small thin blade. Corners are worse, and every 10 minutes I have to stop as my hands get cramp!! Its a HORRIBLE job and without doubt, to date, the worst job I have had to do. My aim was to get both N/S doors finished today and then all 4 are done and over with.
 Only took an hour and a half to do the rear one (Rimmers, slightly softer)
 Then a quick clean, vapour barrier on, door card on, window winder handle on, which for some reason went on first time (which is rare!)
 It then took a further 2 hours to do the front door. I had already done the top part of it, so it wasn't as bad as doing the whole thing from the start.... still, so glad this bit is over!   Vapour barrier, door card, done.
Time to put it back in the garage, tidy up and then its bathtime for the girls before dinner. It's getting there.......

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Bo Kris said...

ahhh.. the joy of fitting new door seals.. been there, done that. I had sore fingertips for a week after that.
- but the new seals was crap, - didnt seal properly and created windnoise - I even tried to force the top of the door inwards to create a tighter closing.
...I ended up taking all the new seals off again and fitted some fairly okay ones from my donor car.