Tuesday, 27 December 2011

One step forward, two steps back!

After a long walk in the park, all 3 girls were fast asleep on the sofa.......... so I spent a couple of hours in the garage. First up was to put the rebuilt PWDA switch on the inner wing........ job done!
 Then I fitted the new poly bush for the lower steering column.
 Then the rebuilt rack and repainted steering link arm could go on. Sounds simple, but took ages to get everything lined up!
 This meant that the offside front suspension is now finished (bar fitting the pads!) and the Anti-Roll bar.
 Then came the disaster. Whilst fitting the new nut to the end of the stub axle (the one I lost last time!) for some reason is went tight, then end of the stub axle sheared off!!! I have never seen this before. So, I now need to strip down the front nearside suspension again, and replace the stub axle!!!!

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