Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Unique bits!

Been a bit quiet here............. no work on Libby, waiting for its slot at the bodyshop. Hopefully will be going in the next couple of weeks.

I managed to finally find out what the missing badges were off the rear wings. From the pictures out of "Motor", I could see that it should be a small chrome badge with "stag" on it......... just couldn't work out what it was!

After some research I discovered that Federal Spec MKI Stags (USA Market) had rear cruise lights fitted to the rear wings with a small stag badge underneath........ like below!

Now I knew what they were, it was just a case of finding them! Tracked down a supplier in America who could get me a set......... just don't ask how much including shipping, VAT and Import Duties!! They arrived this morning, so that is now all the unique difficult to find bits done, everything else is either 2000 or Stag bits now! Also, managed to find a MKI airbox and some cam covers, already blasted and powder coated........

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