Wednesday, 30 July 2014

I'm back!

Well, we finally moved house on 11th April! It was a bit of a last minute rush to be honest and until I had the keys in my hand I really wasn't sure it could happen....... but it did!

So, our new house is a bit bigger than the old one, with more land (and its flat!!!) but the only downside is a smaller drive. I had a car park before, but now I have enough room for 2 parking spaces on the drive.
A bonus is the extra piece of land to the side, carefully hiding the caravan, which will have proper gates and give us a bit more room on the drive when its done.
The whole house needs decorating top to bottom, so I've been busy with paint brushes, wallpaper, carpets, curtains, shelves, wardrobes etc. Not finished yet, and I expect it not to be done until Christmas....... there's lots to do!

 Libby is home and tucked away in the garage, and I've not had chance to touch her until today. Got some shelves up in the garage to start sorting out the piles of crates and boxes. The boot is now empty, racking up with all the bits that need to go back on, and its a fairly small pile to be honest!
A flurry of activity the last few days as I prepare myself for this weekend...............................! I'll fill you in when it happens, but the biggest step of all is due to happen this weekend, I can hardly wait!!!!