Monday, 29 July 2013

It's been a while............

Well, that was a longer break than I expected!!  I just have not found any time to get Libby out of the garage and do some work. What with the girls, work and Sam's work........ not to mention putting our house up for sale, has meant that time has just slipped by.
However, its the school summer holidays so it means on a Monday evening the girls are staying at Sam's parents for the night...... so I get a night off! Home at a sensible time, so I vowed I would spend some time on the car even if it was only an hour!!
I pushed her out of the garage and spend a while looking and thinking and trying to work out what ought to be done next.
 The front door tread plates were horrible and bent and Andy Roberts had kindly donanated a good used pair with no dents. So, a polish and they fitted nicely.

 Then spent about half an hour unseizing the rear seat belt mountings so I could glue the carpet back around them.
 Then I cut and made the rear crossmember carpet fit, got that looking somewhere near fitting (bloody Rimmers carpets!!!) and glued it in place.
 I found from stock a NOS tailgate trim panel, but in the wrong colour. Masked up the trims and sprayed it with black vinyl paint. Left it to dry for a while and hey presto..........
 ........................a black one!!
 Ran out of daylight, not much done but every piece put on is one less to go!

Other changes since I last blogged, said farewell to my faithful Audi a couple of months ago. Slightly upset at seeing it go after 139,000 miles together, but also because this was the car we brought the girls home in.
But, its not all bad as this is its replacement!!

 Promise, more later (without such a big gap hopefully!!)