Monday, 23 July 2012


"School's out for summer............!"  Epic song, but true as first day of school summer holidays for us here in Redditch. This means my usual Monday evening routine of school run, dinner, bath and bed for the girls is off for about 6 weeks. They are staying with Nanny & Grandad on Monday nights for the next few weeks. So, sun is out, finished work at a sensible time for once, girls away, wife at work.......... hmmmm, pass me the tool box!
First job, clean up and refit the other front indicator light.
 Then clean up and refit the indicator and sidelight assembly.
 How many indicators do you need on a car..........4 per side?!!? With hazards on I have told it will look like a Christmas tree!
 Then moved to the rear and fitted the n/s rear light assembly. Then, confusion hit.
 I know my car is modified, but I didn't expect to find wiring that I couldn't explain/remember what its for. After connecting up all the rear lights I am left with these wires, (tape wrapped so probably not factory) going from behind the rear light up the D post into the roof.  What are they for?!!? No idea!  The fuel pump is driven off the original PI pump wiring, so its not that. The only thing I can think of is the original rear fogs, which I am not refitting....... but why take the wiring up over the roof?!?!   Need to do some continuity checking with the switch, another day!
 Then started to refit the front headlight assemblies. Got two in, fiddly, fiddly, fiddly, STUPID things they are. (doesn't help when halfway through fitting the 3rd one, you realise you have fitted the first 2 upside down and you have to drill all the rivets out and start again........ Grrrrrrr!
Light fading, dinner calling....................

Sunday, 8 July 2012

Small jobs

Managed to grab a couple of hours outside this afternoon, dodging the rain showers!
Not got long enough to get involved in any long jobs, so I did lots of little things instead.
First off, got the drivers door plastic membrane on, and the door card cleaned and fitted. Then measured the hole to find the size speaker I need....... 5.5" should fit nicely I think.
 Dropped into the autofactors this morning and got the front brakes pipes made up, fitting didn't take long with the new correct double pipe clips.
 I managed to find a second hand tailgate bolt, one got lost somehow. Fitted that, all the bolts have coloured paint on them and we elected to paint the inside of the tailgate satin black. So, the plan later is to carefully mask and flick some satin paint over the bolt heads to make it look right.
 Not a nice job this, the wiper spindle needed changing as I stripped the threads on the original one. Managed to source a good secondhand one which I had cleaned up. This mean removing the glove box and the screen demist vents, then removing the wiper motor and then withdrawing the drive of the wipers. All went quite nicely, new one fitted and then inserted the drive back with plenty of new grease. All good now!
 I noticed whilst I was doing this that the screen vents are in very good condition. They usually close up and warp, but these still look like they should. Guess this is what happens from being stored in a dark garage from 1979 to about 5 years ago?
 Then I cleaned and polished the light fittings and fitted the sidelight and wing indicator. They are the original ones, just cleaned up with new gaskets and bulbs. Cleaned and reconnected using the original bullet connectors and I have to say, looking good!
 I was on a roll then, so I fitted the NOS rear lights I sourced, connected up using the original bullet connectors again.
Then, it was time to clear away and go in for dinner.

Meanwhile, in Reading, the engine is progressing nicely. I understand that the block and crank are now back from the machine shop...................