Sunday, 10 June 2012

Carbs, Engines, Honda's & Parties!

Life just takes over sometimes! I wonder where the time goes, as despite constant beratings from my fellow bloggers I find that I have't updated my blog for quite some time................ sorry!

Last update I had dropped mine and Andy's carbs off with Andrew Turner for them to be "Turner'd". Got the call last week to say they were ready so I dropped in on the way home from work to collect them. What can I say....... automotive porn..... they are truely amazing. Well worth the money. Anyone who needs any carb work, go to Mr Turner,   you won't regret it!
Feat your eyes on these babies...............

 Next to the engine. My friendly engine builder has stripped and inspected the engine and found loads of problems. The issue is that despite me buying what I thought was a known good engine (assuming the best engine to rebuild is one that doesn't actually need rebuilding!) was wrong. It turns out the engine has been rebuilt before....... badly. There are a whole host of bodges that need fixing. Stripped threads in the block, broken allen keys, score marks on the face of the blocks where previous head studs have been butchered to get them off. Ontop of that, the bores are all badly scored and the crank is very worn.

 It was taken to the machine shop to be assessed by experts and the news came back even worse. The block was already bored to the max, and would need all 8 bores re-lined, then new pistons. The crank was also already ground, and the crankshaft main bearings in the block were oval and would need salvaging. All this added up to a huge engineering bill that just was not worth it. This meant that the block, crank, most of the rods and all of the pistons are now essentially scrap. Bugger.
Not to worry, Andy came to the rescue again with a known better block and a decent crank. these are now at the engineering shop being worked on. Only one bore needs a liner, and the crank will grind up ok. So, this and a hefty parts bill from EJ Wards and we should be onto a winner. Parts expected back from machining in a couple of weeks. We haven't dared look at the heads yet.................

Onto more mudane matters.............. RBRR2012. Bradley and I are booked in, but as time goes on and I get less and less opportunity to work on Libby, it became obvious that we just weren't going to make it. So, decision time. Do we rush Libby and finish it and risk messing it up, or missing something and end up doing more damage by doing the run, pull out (noooooooo way!) or find another car to do the RBRR in?
Guess what, the hunt was on.
Normally, I would just find another cheap 2000 to do it in, but the prices seems to have gone mad and it means at least £2k to buy a half decent one and then it would need going through properly to prep it. Rob Baker came to the rescue so, Wednesday night saw Bradley and I heading north in his new company Passat to collect Arnie, the Acclaim-inator!
 Now, I have to say, I have never been particularly enamored with Triumph/Honda's creation..... but I have to say, it is quite impressive. Ok, so it will never replace a 2000/2500/2.5 in my garage, but as a little run around and an RBRR toy, its amazing.
Rob has spent quite a lot of time and money on this little beastie and it shows. The bodywork is immaculate, the interior is very good (under those horrible seat covers the seats are very good and the headrests are in the boot to reinstate.
 Its the CD model, posh....... even has headlight washers!
 I love history touches like this, original dealer sticker in the rear window, which matches the key fob. Every MOT back to 1988 which shows the mileage of 66k to be genuine. It needs a set of tyres, some wiper blades, one headlight needs replacing and then a quick service and clean and its ready to go!  I have to say it is awesome. Drove back 115 miles at a steady 80mph, and used about £15 worth of fuel!! This is going to be a cheap RBRR for a change!
 Over the bank holiday weekend Sam & I had a little party. I turned 40 in April and she turns 40 in July so we decided to have an 80th birthday party at a certain well known local hotel! There was about 100 of our friends, loads of food and the most awesome band ever....... The Garage Band   we can't recommend these guys highly enough, fantastic night and well worth booking!
My big sister and her family made it over from California for the party and it mean that our girls and her two children finally got to meet. It was so lovely to see the cousins all playing and getting on so well together, something we never thought we would see.
We also got a professional photographer to come and take some proper pictures of the children together, thanks Stuart!  We are waiting for the pictures to be ready, but he sent us this teaser the other day. This is Milly, our youngest, with our nephew Adam............ she didn't want to play when it came to the photographs, but this one just happened as they do......... I love it!
 Me, Dad dancing with the girls!

I also managed to source a new wiper spindle, so that is now ready for fitting. Then its on with door seals, door cards and onto the rest of the interior...... when I get chance.
With Sam now back at work, and working most weekends, my time in the garage is limited...... but, every week I manage to do something, even if its sourcing some parts, or cleaning something ready to put back on.
More news on the engine hopefully in a few weeks.