Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Fixing Studs and other stuff.......

Finally got round to sorting out the stripped thread in the trailing arm of the yellow estate (got to get it done, the new owner is picking her up on Saturday!

So, popped the driveshaft out and inspected the hole.......... no thread at all!

Carefully cut the new thread with the cutting tool, and inserted a 5/16 UNF Helicoil......... carefully as it had to be done perfectly straight otherwise the hub would not have fitted back on.... but, it did....... all done!

On Sunday Sam and I took the Red PI out to the Club Triumph National day at the National Motor Museum at Beaulieu....... fantastic day, lovely weather and a really interesting place to look round. Handed my trophy back in (Car of the Show 2008) and then promptly saw it handed over to a very stunning TR3.........
I was experimenting with the settings on the metering unit, so I filled it to the brim and then set off heading for Beaulieu, planning for a refill on the way back......... sitting at a steady 70mph (most of the way!) I was stunned to see home get closer and closer with the fuel gauge still not registering empty!
By the time we got him, this is what it looked like........ 289 miles... filled it back up and it took 10.83 gallons...... working out to 27mpg (not bad for an AUTO PI!) Strangely the fuel light was on all the time, but if the tank holds 14.5 gallons, I still had 3 gallons left, enough to do another 75 miles. I'll try that agin and then empty the tank, add a gallon back in and bend the fuel sender unit to read empty.

The day before (Saturday) was fun! We took delivery of our new caravan in the morning, and for a few hours we had the old one (background) and the new one together on the drive. One of our neighbours suggested that if we actually started talking to each other, perhaps we could have just one van, rather than one each........!!
Anyway, emptied all the stuff from the old to the new, then I took the old one to deliver it to its new owners in Reading...... even got fed some home made Rhubarb Crumble for my efforts .................. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!